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Allah tells us to save our families from the fire. The Muslim community is our family. Our families need a revival in our Deen, to come back to the basics, which will inshallah prepare us for this Dunya with all its calamities and challenges. There is joy in being Muslim and rewards(from Allah) to those seeking knowledge. We need to restore the joy of learning while seeking the rewards of Knowledge. Our HummingBird Institute with its spiritual education and hands-on, natural approach will better prepare our children to seek Allah and to be the best of His creation as He intended us to be.

We aim to teach Islamic spirituality through the life of the prophet Muhammad ﷺ, and his noble traits. 


2. Tajweed classes. Starting age 5 to 10 boys and girls. Age 10-17 girls. Mrs. Nagwa
3. I understand my Quran. Asynchronous classes.
4. Courageous conversations. September 11th, 2022
5. Life of the prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him). October 18th, 2022

All classes are online.  


Malak Bokhari  Getting Ijazah in NQ for children and Hafs from Asim recitation.

Kinda Akkad – Ijazah in Tajweed. Author of Picture books for children explaining the Quran.

Gheed Khattab – Ijazah in Tajweed. 10+ experience in teaching Quran to kids and youth.

Nagwa Agami – Ijazah in Noornai teaching for children and adults.



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