Ramadan Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 1 – 5pm. Saturday: 10-6 pm. Friday and Sunday: Open only by appointment.

Check out the Muslim Women’s Association website for the latest info/events on our Pittsburgh community!


4741 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Tel: 412-315-7092 | storemwap@gmail.com

Featured Products ( available in-store or online)

  1. Black Seed Oil
  2. Prayer Rugs ( we carry a wide range of beautiful designs and colors)
  3. Islamic Burial Kits for men and women prepared by Muslim Women’s Association of Pittsburgh

Hummingbird Institute

Online Weekend Islamic School Age: 6-17 year Qualified Teachers   www.hummingbird.institute   We are teaching the beauty of our faith, Ihsan, Iman, and Islam. See sample classes.    

Our Collaborative Space

We are pleased to make available our large book selection in both English and Arabic. Our books cover a wide range of traditional and contemporary Islamic Topics written by national and international scholars.  Our books ...