Women Speakers Bureau

 Our diverse speakers are available to participate in community activities and discuss a range of topics. 

  • Teaching spiritually to our  children
  • Moroccan Islamic History
  • History of writing the Quran and its recitation. 
  • African American Muslims in Pittsburgh (1900-1979)
  • Life and Legends of Nana Asma’u. Educator of women in Africa. 1793-1864 C.E
  • Women and Men around the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Islam a religion of Arts. 
  • Perspectives on the Hajj
  • Contemporary issues in Islam
  • Islam in Iraq. 
  • Self-esteem vs humility, the life of Muslim American women, Muslim children living in a schizoid state, American politics and the Minority role.
  • History of the compilation of the Quran and reservation of the exact text for 14 centuries.

Other topics can be requested. Please contact us to request a speaker for your event.

POP-UP Store

Few of a Kind Store is available to host local women-owned businesses.  Vend YOUR products at our store!

Our new location on liberty ave is ideal for street vending and in-store vending.

It will be $20 a table for one business day. We are flexible on the hours and days.

Let us know if you are interested!   Contact us 


Joseph Marsh is a counselor located in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Lafayette, IN, Joseph holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, as well as a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of the West located in Rosemead, CA. Joseph was guided to Islam in 2014 and has provided counseling to people of all backgrounds. He likes to utilize a variety of evidenced-based practices and techniques while incorporating Islamic belief and knowledge to provide a whole person and culturally relevant approach to his clients.
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