Forging an interfaith dialog between traditions that typically stand at odds, this groundbreaking book explores the scriptural and spiritual tenets of Islam and Buddhism in relation to one another, creating a basis for comparison and analysis of the two traditions. Written by eminent scholars, this discussion juxtaposes foundational principles and practices by linking underlining principles and fostering a mutual appreciation between followers of both religions. This interfaith volume discusses metaphysical traditions and philosophical studies born of Islam and Buddhism, places them in context with each other, thus encouraging understanding, and providing a point of reference for continued learning and cooperations.

In their respective introductions to this book, H.H. the Dalai Lama states that the book helps demonstrate that Islam is indeed a ‘path of salvation’; while leading Islamic scholar of jurisprudence, Prof Mohammad Hashim Kamali, asserts that on the basis of this book one can argue that Buddhism is an authentic ‘deen’ or religion.

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