Monday – Thursday: 1 – 5pm. Saturday: 10am-5pm. Friday and Sunday: Open only by appointment.


Support the shelter for needy women and families by becoming a member of Few of A Kind Store.

4741 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15224.

Tel: 412-315-7092 |

Please keep the Muslim Women’s Association of Pittsburgh in your prayers. We are eligible for Zakat and donations.

Weekly Islamic Storytime

July 3 @ 2:00 pm - July 31 @ 3:00 pm

Featured Products ( available in-store or online)

  1. Black Seed Oil
  2. Prayer Rugs ( we carry a wide range of beautiful designs and colors)
  3. Islamic Burial Kits for men and women prepared by Muslim Women’s Association of Pittsburgh
  • Our Logo

Our Logo

Ram (Dwennimmen). Our Few of a Kind Store icon (symbol) is borrowed from the Akan adinkra symbols. It is a geometric interpretation of the shape of a ram's horns, representing, strength, protection and balanced beauty. ...