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Connect with the Quran.


*Learn how to a build a relationship with the Qur’an, whether you understand Arabic or not.

* Be inspired by the miraculous nature of the Qur’an

* Learn tips that will help you to devise a routine for yourself for learning/reading the Qur’an and learning Arabic.

Topic Outline:

1. Building a relationship with the Qur’an: devotion and respect

A. Understanding what the Qur’an is (definition)

B. Stories of the Sahaba’s reactions to the Qur’an

C. Story and Ahadith from Dr. Fareeha’s article

D. Tafasir/Translations

2. I`jaz Al-Quran / Miraculous/Inimitable nature of the Qur’an

3. Establishing a Routine with the Qur’an – Find a Teacher! Or at least a Study Buddy.

A. Interactive Reading

B. Memorizing

C. Listening

D. Monthly Goals

If interested to join our zoom meeting please email us.

About the speaker:

Sulma Badrudduja (The Sila Initiative) was born and raised in Kentucky, USA. After memorizing the Qur’an, she began a deeper study of Arabic and the Islamic sciences with local teachers and also in Amman, Jordan. She holds an ijaza in the ten Qira’at according to the Shatibiyya.