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A  joint webinar between the Hummingbird Insitute and Hamza Karamali to discuss a timely topic.

Please read his article HERE

Question. What can we do, as parents, to protect our children from the growing tide of LGBTQI+ influences, especially if we have family members who openly identify as gay and Muslim? Is a tendency towards homosexuality something that can be prevented during the formative years?

About the speaker:

Hamza Karamali is the founder of Basira Education, an education initiative that aims to develop and deploy an original seminary-level curriculum that is grounded in the traditional Islamic sciences but fully integrates modern science and culture into an intelligent and God-centered worldview. He earned his BASc And MASc in Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto, after which he moved abroad to study the Islamic sciences full-time in private one-on-one settings with distinguished scholars in Jordan, Kuwait, and UAE, and earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Islamic Law and Legal Theory from Jamia Nizamiyya in Hyderabad, India. He taught the Islamic sciences online at SunniPath.com and Qibla.com, advanced Arabic grammar and rhetoric at Qasid Institute, and then joined Kalam Research & Media, where he worked for three years designing, managing, and participating in research and education projects around the integration of modern analytic philosophy and science with traditional Islamic theology and logic. He is the author of The Madrasa Curriculum in Context, as well as a forthcoming work that presents traditional Islamic logic in the idiom of contemporary logic and philosophy.

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