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What is Jihad. It is mistakenly translated as ” Holy War” a term that doesn’t exist in the Arabic Language. Prophet Mohammad ﷺ told his companions that the hardest type of Jihad is self struggle against our  desires of arrogance, caprice, anger and pride. Join us as Chris Caras explains the types of Jihad, truths and  misconceptions.

The following questions will be addressed:

  • What does jihad mean?
  • What is “Islamic jihad”?
  • How is war ever justified by religion (or Islam)?
  • How does religious war differ from political war in objectives and methods?
  • How does jihad differ from terrorism?
  • What are the motives and methods of terrorists and why the confusion?
  • Does Islam advocate the indiscriminate killing of non-Muslims or forced conversion?
  • How does Islam actually seek to limit bloodshed and violence, in its scriptures and how has that been implemented in history?

Facilitator: Malak Bokhari.