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Curious Non-Muslims frequently ask Muslim kids and teens who grow up in America questions regarding their religion.  Questions like:
1. Why you don’t eat pork?
2. Why do Muslim girls cover their hair?
3. What is Ramadan?
4. You don’t celebrate Christmas!!
And every Muslim growing up/living in America has faced the awkward struggle of answering these types of questions.
Knowing this struggle, Sarahjameela taught her children how to answer these and other commonly asked questions!
This Sunday, join Sarahjameela and her family on a Zoom session as they present their smart and creative answers that any Muslim can use when faced with these awkward situations!
Audience: Muslim parents
1. To give correct and understandable answers that are appropriate to the questioners’ background  such as school grade and age.
2. To learn from our community elders and other community members our shared experience of growing up in America.
📅Date: Sunday, December 20, 2020
🕰Time: 3:30 PM  5:00 PM
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