Allah tells us to save our families from the fire. The Muslim community is our family. In many ways our families are in need of  a revival in our Deen, to come back to the basics, which in turn  will inshallah prepare us for this dunya with all its calamities and challenges. There is joy in being Muslim,  and rewards(from Allah) to those seeking knowledge. WE need to restore the joy of learning while seeking the rewards of Knowledge. Our HummingBird Pittsburgh with its spirituality education and hands-on, natural approach will better prepare our children to seek Allah and to be the best of His creation as He intended us to be.


Spiritual Intelligence  – two sessions a week- 40 min long

Noorani Qaidah (NQ) – two sessions a week – 30 min

Sunday Fun –  three Sundays a month at home – outdoor activities. Theme will be discussed by the teachers.

Sunday Fun    the third Sunday of every month. Field trip/community service / Fun activity together in West PA.

Iman – Girls, age 9-13 years.

All classes are online.


Rema’a Abdin – Masters in Education pre- k to 4th grade. Extensive experience in teaching and supervising educators both in Jordan and in the US.

Sarahjameela Martin – Masters in Education.  Sarahjameela worked 20 years as a teacher and and additional 20 years  as an administrator for PPS.

Malak Bokhari  obtaining Ijazah in NQ for children and Hafs from Asim recitation.

Sebnum Unlu – 

Summer :  June – July – August 2020.

Scholarships available.

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