Growing up with Adam 

Adam is an American Muslim boy. He lives in a high rise in a large American city. Adam loves living in the city. All that he likes to do is very close to him. He can walk to school, to the mosque and all of the shops. He especially wants the pet shop. The only thing he does not like is the dirt lot next to his apartment building. Some people plant seeds there every year, but they never grow.

On Saturday, he and his family will go to the pet shop to get a cat for the house, and the next day, Sunday will be the first day of Eid. The family will all go to the mosque. The whole community will be there, Alhumduillah.! The weekend is going to be a time for special prayers and fun activities for the entire family! 

Later that night, Adam went to bed, feeling happy because of all the beautiful things that were going to happen.

All of a sudden, he awake by the sound of rain coming through his window. He got up to close the window. He saw that there was a terrible storm KABOOM KABOOM went the thunder and lightning flashed across the night sky. He was so scared he ran into his parent’s room. His father said, “Do not be scared we are all here together safe and sound, and Allah is the best to protect.”So Adam went back to bed.

When morning came, it was still raining, and lightning and the thunder was still going Ka-Boom Ka-Boom! The dirt lot next door was full of water and mud; it looked terrible. They could not get the cat.and he could not go out to play, so he played inside. He was so angry about not getting the cat, but his father told him, “Do not worry, some good could come from Bad.” Adam did not know what his father meant, but he said inshaAllah. thought maybe we can get the cat next week

The next day was Eid. It was a bright sunny day. The storm was over. Alhamdulillah. Adam went to get his new jean jacket and kufi that he was going to wear to Eid. He wanted to let his father see it on him. He looked “sharp” in his new Eid clothes. He noticed that his father was looking sad, and that was when his father told him there was a sickness going through the city. Everyone was told by the Doctors to stay inside of their homes until the illness was cured. NO one could go to the mosque. “Oh No,”‘ Adam shouted, first no cat now no Eid!. This is terrible!  

Why do bad things keep happening to me? Adam was sadder than before, and he ran to his window so no one could see him crying. When he looked out, he did not see the muddy lot. Instead, he saw young plants and flowers had begun to grow in the dirt lot. He called his family to see all of the plants and flowers growing in the lot. His father whispered in his ear; you see, son, some good came from the storm. Adam understood what his father meant. Later that day, his mom cooked up a beautiful Edi dinner, and they all stayed home and enjoyed Eid together. They were happy, safe, and protected. Some good had come from the sickness. They prayed that it would be over soon.