We are pleased to make available our large book selection in both English and Arabic. Our books cover a wide range of traditional and contemporary Islamic Topics written by national and international scholars.  Our books are available  to students, researchers, presenters and anyone in the community who is preparing a talk, a school project, a research paper, a sermon  or a presentation about Islam and Muslims. Our diverse book selection and staff are available to answer any questions, guide researchers and students to authentic resources that will cover their subject of research.

In addition, Mrs Martin is an amateur historian who has extensively researched and written about African American Muslims in Pittsburgh 1900-1972 and has a documentary movie about the Underground Railroad in Pittsburgh. She can assist students and researchers in their studies of American Islam.

To schedule  book browsing and consultation, please email us at: fewofakindstore@gmail.com. Include your name, a bit about yourself, your organization and your topic.

Malak Bokhari

Sarahjameela Martin