On September 14th, 2019, MWAP hosted a workshop on “Spiritual Abuse”.  This conference was led by
Danish Qasim.
It was attended from major Mosques in Pittsburgh and Monroeville. It offered a definition of spiritual abuse and types such as financial, child abuse and sexual abuse.
Message from Danish:  
Asalam Alaykum,
Thank you all for attending the program. I enjoyed it and pray that you benefited. Spiritual abuse is a serious issue and I thank Auntie Sarahjameelah and Dr. Malak Bokhari for organizing it as well as all others who helped make it possible. Please do show your support for their efforts as they are very dedicated to the community and are concerned for its well-being. We know that negative religious experiences are real and often have a negative impact on one’s own practice. For this reason, I urge you all to stay in touch with the organizers and lend your support should issues of spiritual abuse arise. 
Feel free to also contact me at Danish@inshaykhsclothing.com and visit the website at www.inshaykhsclothing.com 
Lastly, here is an article I recommend everyone reads https://muslimmatters.org/2019/08/20/who-can-we-trust-spiritual-abuse/ and here is the video I referenced in my presentation on child sexual abuse. 
Thank you,

Message from Core Group:

As Salaamu Alikeum Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you so much for participating in the Spiritual abuse workshop on September 14, 2019.
One of the recommendations that came out of this workshop is the adoption of the code of conduct document.
We encourage you to share this document with others in your community.

The objective of this document is to provide a high standard tool to protect and unify our community.

To be effective the document must relate and be sensitive to each particular situation, i.e Mosque, an Islamic institution, Ribat, etc.

Feel free to insert or add to this document.  It is available for download with additional documentation form:


Our objective is to help transforms an individual negative experience with some Muslims to what true Islam is and how to heal ourselves and others.

If we can be of assistance please contact us at fewofakindstore@gmail.com

Core team members

Sarahjameela Martin
Imam Abdulaziz Suraqah
Dr Malak Bokhari
Joey Marsh