Our diverse speakers are available to participate in community activities and discuss a range of topics. 

  • Teaching spiritually to our  children
  • Moroccan Islamic History
  • History of writing the Quran and its recitation. 
  • African American Muslims in Pittsburgh (1900-1979)
  • Life and Legends of Nana Asma’u. Educator of women in Africa. 1793-1864 C.E
  • Women and Men around the Prophet Muhammad.
  • Islam a religion of Arts. 
  • Perspectives on the Hajj
  • Contemporary issues in Islam
  • Islam in Iraq. 
  • Self-esteem vs humility, the life of Muslim American women, Muslim children living in a schizoid state, American politics and the Minority role.
  • History of the compilation of the Quran and reservation of the exact text for 14 centuries.

Other topics can be requested. Please contact us to request a speaker for your event.