The Muslim Women’s Association in Pittsburgh is partnering with Danish Qasim founder of In Sheikhs clothing to establish and implement policies and procedures for our organization and Few of a Kind Store.  These include:

  1. Established credentialing process for our hired staff that include:  Full resume with at least three references.
  2. All individuals who teach or hold classes or sessions at the store will show credentials that include: background check, child abuse clearance, personal resume and references from current place of employment.
  3. Any teacher, employee or person of influence at the store will not engage in an Amorous relationship with any student or employee.
  4. No adult employee or teacher shall ever be alone or in a place not immediately visible to others with a child.
  5. No adult employee or teacher shall ever be alone or in a place not immediately visible to others with a member of the opposite gender.
  6. MWAP will obtain the consent of guardians before using pictures of children in marketing material/website.
  7. Any grievances will be brought immediately to the MWAP senior staff.
  8. If any figure of influence batters physically, spiritually or sexually assaults or commits any act which requires mandatory reporting, MWAP must report to the appropriate agency and not solely deal with the incident internally.
  9. MWAP will retain the right to share any inappropriate behavior and disciplinary action taken by MWAP with other organizations or authority.

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