Quran Classes.
All Levels.
Boys and Girls up to age 10.
Ladies only 10+ years. 
Tuesdays. 10:30-11:30 am. Starting March 3th, 2020

Teacher: Rabeyah Shad

Rabeyah Shad moved to Saudi Arabia as an infant where she was raised in a traditional and conservative home in Jeddah. Her journey with the Qur’an began at a very young age. She studied tajweed at Al Huda Qur’an Memorization School (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) under Sheikha Kareema Czerepinski and simultaneously finished memorizing the Qur’an at age 20.

She continued her higher education in Qur’an and obtained one of the high available certificate in Qur’an teaching: an Ijazah (certificate in the recitation of the Qur’an from memory) in Hafs an Asim min  Tareeq Ash-Shaitibyyah and at-Tayyibah. She memorized and studied the Shaatibiyyah and Durrah poems, and then completed an ijazah (certificate in the recitation of the Qur’an from memory) in the ten Qira’aat from Sheikha Kareema Czerepinski.

She has years of teaching experience and is dedicated to spread awareness of proper Qur’an recitation in the Muslim Ummah; promoting the love of Qur’an among our mothers and instilling it in the lives of our children, collectively striving to realize the Prophet’s words, “the best among you is who learns the Qur’an and teaches it”. Allah, the Almighty, graced her with knowledge and is dedicated to sharing it by teaching women across the world.

$15 per class (negotiable).  Scholarships available through MWAP.

Classes are also available online.

If interested please email us at: fewofakindstore@gmail.com
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